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City of Brampton Transformed IT Operations with the ibi Product Portfolio

City of Brampton created an analytics portal that enables each department to measure progress and visualize areas needing improvement, increasing transparency, and keeping tabs on the day-to-day needs of the community. Deployed these software assets in the cloud to minimize capital expenses.


The City acquired ibi WebFOCUS®, part of the ibi analytics platform, for business intelligence (BI) and analytics to deliver actionable intelligence to government workers—and has since moved all of its ibi™software to the cloud. This single-source solution includes software, cloud-managed hosting services, and cloud support services. The result is a comprehensive,on-demand platform for analytics and data management—with less time, cost, and risk—and without the need to engage multiple vendors.


From transportation to recreation to law enforcement, the thriving suburban city of Brampton, Ontario, was looking to develop analytics assets to improve the programs and services that its citizens depend on. With the help of ibi™ technologies, the city established a comprehensive data management platform to do just that.


The City created portals for Enforcement & ByLaw Services, Transit, and Recreation. It also augments the standard reporting available in the City’s PeopleSoft Finance, Purchasing, and HR applications, drawing data from 20 different sources, including SQL server databases.


ASo far, it’s been a formula for success as the City continues to extend analytics functionality throughout the organization.

A new HR dashboard, now in the early stages of development, will include more than 50 KPIs. The City also plans to use ibi’s predictive analytics technology to forecast upcoming needs, such as anticipating where it can expect to receive the most complaints, and of what types, so the Enforcement & Bylaw Services Division department can deploy specialized officers accordingly. In the Transit department, predictive analytics could help the City determine how many new buses and transportation resources will be needed.

On the data management side, the City of Brampton is mastering property and employee data through Omni, ibi’s data platform. The City also integrates dozens of business-critical applications while leveraging ibi’s data platform.

“ibi has provided tremendous support, not only assisting with our cloud migration, but also helping with day-to-day issues as they arise,” Espinosa concludes. “We have had no issues with availability or performance, and the response time for dashboards in the cloud is very good.”

You are in good hands


Costs, lessened time, and reduced risk across IT operations


More than 50 KPIs included in the new WebFOCUS® dashboard

ibi’s software-as-a-service model allows the City’s small Business Intelligence and Integration team to focus on value-added activities.

Katherine Kulson
Chief Information Officer
City of Brampton

City of Brampton

Brampton, ON is a thriving suburban metropolis of 600,000 citizens and one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada.