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Our highly-scalable enterprise reporting and analytics solutions provide millions of users with the information needed to solve life’s most critical questions. Across healthcare, financial services, the public sector, transportation, manufacturing, and beyond–our customers choose ibi because they know that we are committed to building the tools needed for not just today’s success but tomorrow’s as well.


Say goodbye to stale data

Get instant access to your IBM Z data today

Open Data Hub for Mainframe is a ground-breaking solution to the IBM Z modernization question.

What sets us apart?

  • Built for the future, rooted in deep technical knowledge

    Leverage the native data science and AI capabilities in our enterprise reporting and analytics tools across your on-prem, hybrid, and containerized deployments.

  • Embed seamlessly across deployments

    Your visualizations and reports where you want them. Built a report or application in one of our solutions and need it to show in one of your programs or sites? Not a problem… Burst, embed, and distribute however and wherever you need

  • Access all of your data in one place

    Do you have legacy and modern data sources that you’re looking to combine and visualize in one place? Our solutions allow you to do just that, in an instant.

  • Your security is top of mind

    Regardless of where you deploy, experience top notch security across your applications–because your data is your business and no one else’s.

See how customers use Enterprise Analytics solutions

“When it comes to essential tasks, like improving outcomes and reducing costs, we can look at what is happening and predict what might happen. Our new platform supports initiatives and projects throughout the organization, saving millions of dollars, as we improve the overall quality of care”

Peter Papadakos

Director of Decision Support and Analytics

Quinte Health Care

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