Making life for the creator even easier - introducing ibi™ WebFOCUS® 9.3

Authored by Vijay Raman

I am thrilled to announce the availability of ibi WebFOCUS v9.3. This release exemplifies the power of WebFOCUS with its unmatched scalability and couples it with AI driven data insights and a seamless user experience. Our journey with version 9 started in 2022 when we solidified our commitment to provide business ready features designed to add value for our users in everything that we do. We have also completed the journey for users using AppStudio and InfoAssist, allowing them to migrate their content to WebFOCUS Designer now in a seamless manner. Never before has ibi been better suited to help our customers–with a host of new features and updates available now and in coming months. Businesses rely on ibi and WebFOCUS and are choosing us as the most efficient and scalable analytics solution–bringing much needed peace of mind to run their mission critical applications.

WebFOCUS 9.3 delivers a series of powerful new features and functionality that make life easier for business users and creators alike.

You think you know ReportCaster? Not like this.

WebFOCUS 9.3 introduces the new ReportCaster featuring a comprehensive re-design of the capability making it incredibly easy to use. Now, you can schedule and distribute your reports and dashboards to the masses with ease and in style–directly from the WebFOCUS Hub.

New technical features here also include enhanced functionalities such as Recurrences, Log Reports, SMTP and FTP server configuration, and Test connections.

So much new in Designer, no wonder it’s a fan favorite–even we can’t get enough.

We’ve heard how much users are loving using WebFOCUS Designer to create their highly scalable builds. And, that should be the case when you are spending day in and day out in a tool prepping your reports, charts, and customer-facing applications. In this release of WebFOCUS 9.3, life for the creator becomes even easier.

Now, open your InfoAssist Charts and Reports directly from Designer and then use all of the new Designer exclusive features on those InfoAssist Charts and Reports.

Embrace a new era of creation with our new Portals UI. Drag and drop your content pieces on an interactive canvas to effortlessly build your portals.  Simplify your workflows with our user-friendly, responsive, and collaborative platform–empowering you to create dynamic portals effortlessly.

Also included in this release for Designer: new XLSX document integration and the addition of authoring capabilities to Designer Document Mode.

Give your data a voice with our AI fueled NLQ functionality.

In WebFOCUS, you can ask a question directly aimed at your data–in layman’s terms–and get a response. Hitting a wall with your analytics deadlines? Use our NLQ functionality to directly query your data and get a response that you can take action on–no technical experience required. Plus, in WebFOCUS 9.3, run multiple instances of Instant Insights at once, directly from the Hub. WebFOCUS 9.3 optimizes the accuracy and speed of our ML functions and includes a new algorithm– Holt-Winters forecasting–to enhance the capabilities of our time series forecasting.

What’s next for ibi…

April is full of back-to-back launch-centric events for ibi between our virtual user groups on April 17th and 18th and our upcoming joint webinar with Dresner Advisory Services on May 8th.

Eager to get your hands on a WebFOCUS 9.3 environment? Join us at any of our Summit Roadshow events where ibi product experts will be using a WebFOCUS 9.3 Cloud environment to guide you through our hands-on labs. Truly an experience you do not want to miss…

Register for any of these events here on our events page.

As always, we are committed to building alongside you and making the best possible tools to create solutions for your mission-critical, enterprise data needs. This latest version of WebFOCUS demonstrates that commitment through our careful selection of features that empower our users to work smarter, build sleeker, and distribute faster to the masses.

For full release notes, please see product documentation here.