February FOCUS Friday: Partition Power, FOCUS Client, and MAINTAIN Language Wizard

This year we are starting with partitioning in expressions and files, using FOCUS as a Client, and the Maintain Language Wizard aka Mark Derwin. 

Partition Power 

Grouping things is a very natural form of analysis. FOCUS and WebFOCUS use it in a number of ways which we will look at during this session - data files, partitioning with intelligence to enhance performance , and even in the world of expressions where the partition plays a pivotal role in several of our very powerful functions. Think penultimate and join us for this wide ranging exploration of the FOCUS language. 

Using FOCUS as a Client

Data access from any data structure has always been a hallmark of the FOCUS language. That expansiveness grew into server technology that you may remember as EDA, and is now the WebFOCUS Reporting Server. Since data isn’t always where you need it to be, FOCUS includes the ability to act as a client for our servers where-ever they may be.  We’ll take a close look at how this is done, and it may be just what you are looking for.


The Language Wizard

Learning Maintain commands is a very easy task however App Studio can help you write your code.  This is especially true for database and stack manipulation commands. We will demonstrate how to launch the language wizard and when to use it. So be sure to join us for this FOCUS Friday session.


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