May FOCUS Friday: MultiDimensional Indexing; Using SQL to Create Reports; Creating a LOOKUP Function in Maintain

Welcome to the merry month of May and your FOCUS Friday Virtual User Group. The topics this month include multi-dimensional index, using SQL to create reports, and creating a LOOKUP function in Maintain.  

Multi-Dimensional Index 

Indexes are added to and within data structures to speed up retrieval when that file is used to create reports, charts or graphs or even files to be used for subsequent processing. The indexes are usually based upon a single field. The multi-dimensional index (MDI) available for XFOCUS and FOCUS files provides an index on multiple fields. Ideally you can create an MDI based upon all of the filter fields included in your requests - IFs and WHEREs - providing the most rapid access. This session will explore the process of adding an MDI and the significant effects it can have on your retrieval time. 

Using SQL to Create Reports

Are you new to FOCUS and the FOCUS language? Are you more comfortable using SQL? This session will show you how to write SQL select statements against non relational data sources.  We will also show you how to take advantage of adapter specific command.

Creating a LOOKUP Function in Maintain

Maintain applications can access up to 15 data sources in one application.  This presentation discusses how to decode values from one database against another database and return the values.

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