Don't discount the role of static reports in a dynamic world...

Authored by Alexander Homer - Product Manager & Katie Frame - Product Marketing Manager

hands on laptop

Now, more than ever, everyone expects to interact with their reports. Have an app, click on the chart and drill down to learn more.  Want to see data in another way, no problem - just change the view. But even with increased interactivity, there is still a need for static reports that communicate information in a fixed timeframe.

Many industries provide reporting that is highly regulated and requires strict adherence to data rules. In these instances, static reports are a vital part of reporting and yet also need to be flexible and easy for you to modify as needed. Developing new formats for customized reports that need to be generated across a large user base is where your BI platform shines.

WebFOCUS Document mode was designed to join together the need for custom content delivered in a static report format. You can generate a PDF report that combines multiple data sources, provides multiple visualizations and delivers custom, individualized reports to an entire group of customers or partners. And, because it is offline and a PDF, it can be opened anywhere or saved for future use. WebFOCUS Designer lets you package and disseminate these reports in tailored layouts, delivered at scale across large groups.

For example, investment firms need to provide regular reporting to customers on portfolio performance. Now, they can design new ways to generate individualized statements for customers based on their compliance and customer communication protocols. Once the firm has created the parameterized charts and reports that they think will be most helpful to their customers, they can put them all together in a document, where those users can get all of the information they need in one place.

Using Designer, you can easily bring the content you create into Document Mode to visualize and build the report to communicate your information. Resize charts, manipulate and place information where it is best used. Enhancements in WebFOCUS make this process more streamlined with modern visual and intuitive workflows available in the browser. You can redesign the way customers can consume information and create individualization at scale across the entire customer base. And, you can control the process from start to finish from your computer.

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