Trailblaze at your organization with use-case driven AI tools tailored for the business intelligence analyst

Authored by Ayden Ellsmere, Solutions Engineer, ibi

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91% of leading businesses are invested in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, is your organization amongst them? Today AI is ubiquitous in our personal and professional lives, but beyond the buzzwords it is crucial to understand how a business analyst can realize value from this technology in their daily workflow and how businesses find better outcomes with predictive analytics, data storytelling and much more.

ibi WebFOCUS® has embraced this field in a way that is practical, accessible and driven by the most common business intelligence and predictive analytics use cases our customers face every day.

WebFOCUS® DSML Services are designed as a platform experience, with AI-driven insights and enhancements permeated throughout the WebFOCUS® Hub.

A no-code drag-and-drop interface for training, testing and deploying machine learning models is embedded directly within existing BI workflows, making it a breeze for analysts to begin enhancing their dashboards and reports using their existing BI knowledge.

Our premier content authoring tool WebFOCUS® Designer offers insights on patterns, outliers and projected trends in your data on the fly. When you wish to explore further, Natural Language Query offers a conversational experience to ask questions about your data in plain English.

Best of all, these services are available to all our customers on the latest versions of WebFOCUS® and as a business intelligence analyst you are equipped with the tools to trailblaze at your organization and bring your BI to the next level using AI and predictive analytics.

Want to learn more? Watch our June User Group Webinar Recording covering  How to get Started with WebFOCUS DSML (1:22:03).