Unlocking the power of Data Quality for better data-driven decisions

Authored by Santosh Padhiari, Principal Product Manager, ibi

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Today, technology is driving businesses and businesses are generating a lot of data. Enterprises are investing in data as a foundation for driving business decisions on trusted insights. Unfortunately, when data comes from lots of different places, it is often incomplete, inaccurate, inconsistent or misrepresented. This strategic investment in data cannot bear fruit if consumers do not trust the data or cannot consistently access high quality data when they need it and where they need it.

Data quality issues are pervasive and expected. Whether you are moving data to the cloud, providing intelligent insights to your business stakeholders, driving automation through data science initiatives or using streaming data to make real time decisions, your data needs to go through a rigorous but consistent vetting process to ensure poor quality data is either fixed, enriched or prevented from entering mainstream data pipelines. It is equally important to capture and analyze these data facts so consumers have full transparency on the trustworthiness of their data.

Businesses struggle to cultivate the culture of data literacy and accountability because of the many technical challenges faced by their citizen users. Users of modern data platforms expect low/no-code user interface and unified user experience so they can accomplish more with less. At the same time, developers still need the right tools and platforms to build sophisticated workflows and deliver complex solutions. The trick is to find the right balance to meet these needs while delivering valuable features in the most simple and effective way.

What Should you look for in a Data Quality Solution?

  1. Is it built for citizen users so your data analysts and data scientists don’t waste time on manual and repetitive data validation tasks?
  2. Is it truly enterprise ready so regardless of your technical expertise, you can access all the features to evaluate, validate and cleanse your data?
  3. Is it flexible enough to accommodate your business needs with lots of customization features that let you produce reusable assets both within or outside the solution landscape?

Our mission with ibi Data Quality (DQ) is to connect “data people” with measurable, reportable and actionable facts about their data. Users who rely on data to make everyday business decisions often deal with poor quality or untrusted data. We want to provide these users with a complete view of the trustworthiness of their data, improve quality of the data that drives business outcomes, deliver rich user experience for both technical and non-technical users and enable seamless communication between the different systems and stakeholders involved in the data value chain. Learn more about ibi DQ here.