Welcome to the new WebFOCUS: It’s not a product, it’s a platform–and it starts with the Hub

Authored by Dave Pfeiffer - Director of User Experience & Angela Hildack -Senior Manager, WebFOCUS Product Management

laptop showing webfocus hub

ibi WebFOCUS® is an enterprise business intelligence and analytics solution equipped with data management, visual discovery, predictive analytics, and powerful visualizations. For many years, WebFOCUS has served different types of users including Business Analysts, BI Developers, Systems Administrators and more. It’s no surprise that each user has a unique experience as they navigate their data landscape. Each has a personal relationship with WebFOCUS as it has provided everything they’ve needed in a data and analytics solution. But as we are all aware, all things change. And as roles and responsibilities of the modern day worker have changed, so too have their needs and expectations of the tools they rely on every day. Users need more from their data and analytics partner… and we’ve heard their call.

Until recently, WebFOCUS capabilities were experienced more as a collection of individualized apps, each with a specific purpose and audience. With advancements in technology and the age of what is being called the “digital revolution”, users have new expectations of how a modern and intuitive experience should cater to their specific needs. And through an extensive process of user research, feedback loops and support calls, we’ve learned more about what our customers want and need: a more connected and personalized experience. One that feels as if it was built specifically for them… in their role… on the devices they prefer to use… and with their specific work in mind.

Our vision and strategy for WebFOCUS is moving full steam ahead and keeping pace with the needs and expectations of our customers. The journey ahead is clear. WebFOCUS is evolving from a product to a platform, one that will challenge old work behaviors and break down silos. We are imagining new ways of working, collaborating, and using business intelligence to make better decisions to influence outcomes. To be everything a modern-day worker needs in a modern-day data platform. Our customers have asked for the future, and the future of WebFOCUS is now!

The first step at realizing this vision has already been introduced. We call it the WebFOCUS Hub: a new front door to the platform where users can easily find, manage, create and share content and data throughout each phase of the data journey. And, with the introduction of modern BI capabilities like Natural Language Query and Instant Insights, the Hub caters to new types of users with little or no technical expertise. Business Users can explore their data, make informed business decisions, and share auto-generated insights with their teams. For users with broader needs, The Hub is the central launching point for all their data and content creation needs. Here they can keep all items organized and always at the ready to view, edit or distribute to their teams. It’s a perpetual cycle of data prep, management, visualization and analysis… and it all starts and ends with the Hub.

What was once a collection of tools is now a powerful suite of connected capabilities with a stream of intelligent features, data science and machine learning woven throughout. The future may sound like such a far off place… out there in the distance just beyond reach. But in reality, it’s already here. These new additions to the Hub are available today and are already improving the way people work. The future is now.

Welcome to the new WebFOCUS!