July FOCUS® Friday

HTML5 Graphics; TABLE Basics; MAINTAIN and Server CFG files


Welcome to the July FOCUS Friday - this month we are looking at HTML5 Graphics from the language perspective,  with an emphasis on how to adjust the language to meet your requirements. We are also taking a tour of the FOCUS reporting language - TABLE - including the syntax that provides selection, sorting, calculation, and output. And we also take a closer look at the configuration files that the Server and Maintain are built on. 

HTML5 Graphics

The FOCUS language includes syntax that supports graphics - which has been extended to include the use of HTML5, providing some very striking and useful visual capabilities. Going beyond FOCUS you can use Javascript to further enhance and extend your graphic output. Join us as we explore  the target of this session - the techniques, and possibilities of extending the HTML5 graphics.

TABLE Basics

Join us for a basic overview of the TABLE command including the verbs, filters, sorts, calculations, and output capabilities that are available.  

Maintain and Server CFG files

There are a number of changes to the server configuration files that Maintain needs in order to correctly run your applications.  This is especially true if you are using FOCUS files.  This presentation discusses what commands need to be added to your EDASPROF, SUPROF and EDASERVE files for Maintain applications to execute.

It’s all going to happen on Friday, July 21, 2023 and we want you to join us.





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