ibi Unleashes the Power of Legacy Systems with Open Data Hub for Mainframe

A Revolutionary Solution for Real-time, Secure Access to Mainframe Data Brings Operational Data Back to Life While Cutting Costs

Santa Clara, CA, 21 September, 2023 - ibi, a scalable data and analytics software platform that makes data easy to access and analytics easy to consume, today announced the launch of ibi Open Data Hub for Mainframe. A breakthrough solution for organizations struggling with data retrieval from legacy data environments, the offering revolutionizes the access and utilization of mainframe data by directly bringing this data into web-based business analytics capabilities.

“The launch of the ibi Open Data Hub solution marks a significant milestone for ibi customers and mainframe users across industries, as it provides real-time access to static mainframe data, which to date has been difficult to access, directly by BI analytics solutions,” said Dan Ortolani, vice president, support engineering, ibi, a business unit of Cloud Software Group. “This innovative offering democratizes access to the full power of mainframe data while maintaining its security and compliance. The implications for business users, developers, and data scientists are unparalleled, as it can be used in virtually any BI client. The solution is also compelling for existing ibi WebFOCUS users who can seamlessly extend their efforts to mainframe data.”

The ibi Open Data Hub offering responds to the demand for easier and faster access to mainframe data, reimagining how users interact with this data. Business users can seamlessly integrate and manipulate disparate data in real time and import rich information into preferred analytics tools. Data scientists gain access to previously inaccessible mainframe data, enabling them to create custom queries without SQL and work with deeper, more complex datasets in real time for comprehensive analytics. Furthermore, developers benefit from an intuitive GUI interface to generate data queries without creating custom SQL queries while providing seamless access to multiple databases, boosting productivity and software quality.

With the ibi Open Data Hub solution, all organizations can securely and simply leverage and extend the power of visualizations in third-party business intelligence solutions. Those businesses can avoid the costs of large ETL projects and eliminate stale data by accessing the data in-place on the mainframe. Using the new offering, teams can extend the application of AI/ML capabilities, such as Python, to mainframe operational data, thereby amplifying the organization's machine-learning capabilities.

Key features and benefits of Open Data Hub include:

  • Real-time access to data on the mainframe for analytics (analysis);
  • Functional business users have optionality in their solution of choice for data visualization;
  • Ability to combine data sources from both legacy and modern systems while keeping the data on the mainframe;
  • Existing mainframe security frameworks while providing seamless access to modern security, encryption, and pervasive encryption capabilities and methodologies;
  • Access to existing mainframe data without the need to change metadata;
  • Usage and performance monitoring, allowing a chargeback system with governor capabilities that protect the systems from overuse; and
  • Direct cost savings by minimizing the usage of general-purpose central processing units.

The offering delivers unparalleled access to mainframe data, equipping organizations with powerful AI/ML capabilities and benefits. For financial institutions, the advanced AI/ML features can be used for customer clustering and tailored product offerings. In the manufacturing industry, integrating AI/ML into production scheduling allows for detecting anomalies in schedules or supply chains that could disrupt operations. Furthermore, insurance companies can significantly improve their claims processing by integrating AI/ML algorithms to identify potentially fraudulent claims. 

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