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Streamline acquisition, harmonization, management, and governance of enterprise data

The modern, highly scalable ibi™ Omni-Gen® Data Integration Framework provides powerful data integration and cleansing technologies that ensure your data is timely, accurate, consistent, and accessible. Interoperable Omni-Gen architecture insulates end users from data complexities and ensures delivery of the right data to the right place at the right time for faster, smarter decisions.

With Omni-Gen, you can more easily break down data silos and add new data sources, migrate legacy systems, manage M&A activities—and achieve better results from your digital transformation efforts.

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Make better decisions with better data

Standardize data no matter the source

Rich data profiling capabilities easily detect anomalies and identify opportunities for further refinement of data quality, match/merge, and remediation rules. You can seamlessly integrate data from any source and structure into a commonly understood canonical model.

Help business users govern data

Don't just enforce data governance, provide a complete, historical, browser view of all golden records mastered across functional domains. The Omni Governance Console allows users to manage data quality issues that can only be managed by people.

Build trusted data

Centrally define and implement data quality rules and automatically apply them to data values across the information landscape. Deploy real-time data quality firewalls, complete with reporting and monitoring, to support further data management initiatives, business-to-business (B2B) integration, and application integration.

Customize a solution

Out-of-the-box Omni-Gen applications enable insurance firms to intelligently harmonize data to better manage risk. With 360° views of patients, providers, facilities, and other critical domains, Healthcare can make high-stakes decisions at a moment's notice. Law Enforcement gains actionable intelligence for greater officer safety, strategic resource deployment, more efficient crime clearance, and community support and engagement.

Make a difference

ibi solutions seamlessly connect with your existing data and analytics stack, so you can maximize the investments you've already made. Our extensive offerings span all areas of the data journey, offering end-to-end analytics, governance, and data science, connectivity, and quality, so you can tell the complete data story.

Key capabilities of ibi Omni-Gen

Data harmonization

Standardize, and harmonize your enterprise data. Flexibly retrieve information from multiple sources—including databases, cloud and on-premises applications, unstructured data, offline files and spreadsheets into an enterprise-level canonical model to break down data silos, and insulate your business users from the complexity of operational systems.

Data quality

With prepackaged cleansing tools, data lineage insight, and dashboards, continuously track quality indicators and fix problems. Ensure that your mission-critical data is of the highest quality to allow your teams to make their strategic decisions with confidence. Build trust in your data and your company's ability to make correct, informed decisions.

Data management

Provide your teams with a 360-degree view of your organization's data. Identify business risks and opportunities more quickly with a comprehensive, accurate, and consistent view of information.

Data governance

Have access to centralized data collaboration, data lineage support, and a formalized glossary of accepted terms for effective data governance. Effective data governance instills an organization-wide trust in your data that leads to a truer understanding of your information value chain, to knocking down organizational silos and democratizing access to insights, accelerating trusted data-based decision-making, while mitigating compliance risks.

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