Don't Get Left Behind: The BI Marketplace Today & Tomorrow

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Join us for an exciting conversation on the state of the BI marketplace: where it’s going and what it means for your organization. Presenters: Chris von Simson, VP and director of research at Dresner Advisory Services, and TIBCO’s Porter Thorndike, senior product manager for hyperconverged analytics and WebFOCUSⓇ enthusiast.


Chris von Simson, VP and Research Director at Dresner Advisory Services

Chris von Simson is a VP and research director at Dresner Advisory Services. Previously, he was vice president of customer engagement at MicroStrategy, Inc., where he managed the strategy, research, development, and implementation of programs to create a bond between the software organization and its end user constituents. Prior to his career in high tech, Mr. von Simson was a course leader at Amersham and Wycombe College in England.

Porter Thorndike, Senior Product Manager at TIBCO

Porter Thorndike is the senior product manager for TIBCO Hyperconverged Analytics. Hyperconverged analytics brings visual analytics, data science, and streaming capabilities together in a seamless experience that delivers immersive, smart, and real-time business insights in an easy to use and tailored way. Porter serves as the bridge between market requirements and engineering, owning the process of defining and executing product engineering strategies and roadmaps, and tracking the product lifecycle from initial creation to end-of-life.

Hannah Knox, Senior Associate Product Marketing Manager at TIBCO

Hannah Knox is the senior associate portfolio marketing manager for TIBCO WebFOCUS software. The WebFOCUS enterprise business intelligence and analytics solution is equipped with data management, visual discovery, predictive analytics, and powerful visualizations.