FOCUS Friday virtual user group: synonyms/MASTERs, MAINTAIN and JavaScript Part 3, debugging dialogue manager and MODIFY

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While the days may be growing shorter, this month’s FOCUS Friday is long on practical useful information and techniques that will shorten and simplify your development time. The secrets of the Master file, more powerful javascript tips, and the methods to resolve problems that arise during development quickly and easily -- all packed into this session that you won’t want to miss. Watch today as the three “FOCUS” gurus present some great TIBCO FOCUS® language tips and techniques.


WebFOCUS/FOCUS needs to know how your data is stored in your files and relational tables. In this session we will go over the basics of the synonym/master showing what information is needed in order to properly access your data.

MAINTAIN and JavaScript Part 3

Continuing our exploration of javascript and MAINTAIN, this session will look at JavaScript techniques for manipulating both your MAINTAIN form and your application.

Debugging Dialogue Manager and MODIFY

Application development often involves correcting logic errors that lead to unintended results. Dialogue Manager provides a number of methods to analyze and debug your code. We will also explore the WebConsole Dialogue Manager Debugger and the MODIFY DEBUG command.