FOCUS Friday VUG - FOCUS graphics, MACGYVER technique, customizing app studio MAINTAIN development environment

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Moving beyond the basics this month, FOCUS Fridays explores using the FOCUS language in FOCUS and WebFOCUS to generate graphics and charts, using the MACGYVER technique to create complex reports generated from multiple subreports, and adjusting the App Studio MAINTAIN Environment to meet your preferences using the available controls.

Graphics and FOCUS Language – Underneath graphic creation is a variety of FOCUS commands and STYLESHEET settings. This presentation will look under the hood and review the use of this language to generate graphics.

MACGYVER Technique – Introduction - The infamous MacGyver technique that was named after the tv show of the genius who can fix almost anything with some bubble gum and a paper clip will be explained as to how it works and what you can do with it. Please join us to learn how to duplicate input records (virtually) to create subreports.

Customizing App Studio Maintain Development Environment - When creating Maintain applications in App Studio there are a number of options you can set to customize your environment. These include: Prompt Orientation, Showing “New Parameters” dialog and Output viewer. We will discuss these options and how to change them.