FOCUS Friday VUG - MATCH - the other JOIN, FML hierarchy, and stack searching, sorting and unique values

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FOCUS Fridays continues its exploration of the FOCUS/WebFOCUS language this month by covering the uses of the other file connection command - MATCH FILE, the FML Hierarchy extension that simplifies hierarchical reporting, and the use of the Stack in MAINTAIN for searching and sorting.

MATCH - the other JOIN

JOIN is the primary universal syntax that allows us to connect the data in two files. FOCUS/WebFOCUS also supports the MATCH syntax which allows the connection and merging of data in multiple files. In this session we will cover some of the uses of this command.

FML Hierarchy

This session will extend your knowledge of the financial reporting language by delving into the hierarchical reporting capabilities that are available.

Stack Searching, Sorting and Unique values

Stacks are used to collect and display data. This presentation focuses on case insensitive searching, sorting and removing duplicate values from the stack before display.