FOCUS Friday VUG: using dialogue manager variables in synonyms, freeform reports, MAINTAIN: NEXT with AND but not OR

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This month, FOCUS Fridays explores the use of Dialogue Manager variables in the synonym (and outside of their natural habitat -, the FOCEXEC). For those requiring reporting formats that don’t include traditional rows and columns, Freeform Reports will demonstrate the flexibility of the language to generate report formats of all shapes and sizes. And for MAINTAIN users, we will cover the techniques to fully use the NEXT command to read files.

Using Dialogue Manager Variables in Synonyms – Dialogue Manager variables can be added to synonyms, used in some field characteristics, and created and used in MFD-PROFILES. Join us as we explore the techniques and benefits of each of these uses.

Freeform Reports – If you ever had a need to create a report that resembles an invoice, then you probably created a freeform report. This allows you to place data wherever you want on each row. This session will show the basics.

Maintain: NEXT with AND but not OR – When using the NEXT statement to retrieve database records, we can use AND with multiple WHERE clauses. We cannot use OR. We will look at ways around this limitation.