FOCUS Friday VUG - virtual fields, multiverb-less requests, and distributed MAINTAIN - using CALL

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The August, FOCUS Fridays looks at where and how to use the different types of virtual fields available in the language, the art of creating multi-verb reports without actually using multiple verbs, and finally the use of CALL in MAINTAIN to create a “distributed” MAINTAIN.

Virtual Fields

The language provides several ways to create virtual fields for your report: DEFINE, COMPUTE, RECAP. These are evaluated at different times as the report runs. This session will review the processing of requests and the timing of these virtual fields, so you can understand how to best use them for both the results they generate and the performance of the request.

Multiverb-less Requests

You can get summarized data and detailed data in the same report using a multi-verb request. But did you know, that in most cases, you can get the same results with a single verb? Join us to learn more.

Distributed Maintain

Using Call Maintain applications can have multiple components. One Maintain can CALL another Maintain to perform a function. We can even launch a new HTML application as a child of a Maintain application.