August FOCUS Friday

The summer is coming to a close but FOCUS Friday keeps on going! This month we are looking at the basics of stacks in the MAINTAIN language. We are also diving into the variety of JOINs and how to use them to pull your data together. Finally, we are looking at how to use text inside report structures - headings, footings, etc. So be sure to join us on Friday, August 18th.

Stack Basics 

The stack is the most versatile component in the Maintain language. This presentation covers how to use the stack to display and manipulate data.


HEADINGs, FOOTINGs, SUBHEADs and SUBFOOTs can give clarity to different aspects of your report but did you know that you can have more than one HEADING in a report or that you can conditionalize when they will be printed?  If not, come to this session.

JOIN Techniques 

Connecting data from varied sources is often required. You may be required to create a file to use in the join. Does the join need to be an equi-join? When does it make sense to use a conditional join? Can you put the join in the master file/synonym? We will take a look at joins and the techniques to use them efficiently and effectively. 

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