June FOCUS Friday: MODIFY for Reporting; Multiverbless Redux; Static Objects in MAINTAIN Applications, ibi™ Open Data Hub for Mainframe

This month we will be looking at using MODIFY for reporting purposes and how you can do that. We also examine another method to combine summary and detail data in a single report- imitating the multiverb functionality. We will explore how to use static objects in the Maintain in the App Studio world. Finally, we will top this all off with a preview of the forthcoming ibi Open Data Hub for Mainframe.

MODIFY for Reporting 

In TABLE, TABELF, and MATCH, the FOCUS language processes sets of data. MODIFY, on the other hand,  operates on a single record at a time with CASE logic available to provide unique processing options that you can conditionalize for each record.  When you expect to provide different calculations, different field selection, different output for each record that you are reporting on, say account number, MODIFY offers a level of control that may be just what you require. Join us as we explore how MODIFY can be used as a highly useful reporting tool.  

Multiverbless Redux

A multiverb request will allow you to combine summary and detail data in the same report.  We have already shown using WITHIN to summarize within a sort group. This session will show another alternative using the PARTIION_ functions.

Static Objects in Maintain Applications

Objects such as list boxes and radio buttons can either be populated by a stack or have static values.  In Dev Studio you could preset and retrieve the selections of these objects using the List Items command.  This command is not available in App Studio. We will demonstrate how to use static objects including check boxes in App Studio applications.

New Access to Mainframe Data with ibi Open Data Hub for Mainframe

Mark Nesson is joining us this month to preview the new ibi Open Data Hub for Mainframe, which opens mainframe systems like zSystem and system i to 3rd party BI tools, taking full advantage of your existing FOCUS or WebFOCUS metadata and processes. Join us to explore the techniques to exploit the new ibi Open Data Hub for Mainframe. 

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