March FOCUS Friday: Dialogue Manager -REPEAT, Debugging Basics, Building an Excel-Type Application with MAINTAIN

This month we will be exploring a very useful Dialogue Manager command,  the basics of debugging FOCUS code, and using Maintain to build Excel-Type things.  

Dialogue Manager: -REPEAT 

If you need to perform a series of actions - whether it is a series of Dialogue Manager commands or a series of stackable FOCUS commands like TABLE or JOIN or SET or MODIFY,  the dialogue Manager -REPEAT command allows you to control the conditions of that repetition. Join us as we explore these -REPEAT variations, the conditions that they establish and the uses and gotchas that are associated with each form. 

Debugging Basics

Whether you are using FOCUS or WebFOCUS, if you write your own code there will be many times when you will encounter a FOCUS error.  Join us as we show you ways of finding out more about the error and techniques that can be applied to isolate what the problem is and how to resolve it. .


Building an Excel-Type application with Maintain

The Grid object in Maintain, which has characteristics in common with Excel spreadsheets,  allows you to edit multiple rows of your database.  We will demonstrate how to create simple update, include and delete applications just using the grid.


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