September FOCUS Friday

Here comes fall, football, and the first FOCUS Friday of the autumn season. Be sure to join us this month as we continue our in depth explorations of the FOCUS language - in all its many venues. This month we are looking at how to use HTMLTABLE in the MAINTAIN language. We are also diving into the uses of MORE command in reporting. Finally, we are continuing our exploration of the uses of HTML5 with the FOCUS graphics. 

HTMLTABLE  Tricks and Techniques

HTMLTable columns can contain text, html or images.  Both headers and columns can have hyperlinks.  We will examine how to create column sorting techniques, embedded HTML objects and how to display and use images.

More About MORE 

Most everyone knows that you can JOIN data sources together but have you heard about MORE.  MORE lets you take similar data from different file structures and combine the data (think SQL UNION).  This session will go over the rules for MORE and how to effectively use it.

Using HTML Graphics in FOCUS  Part 2 

Following up on the first HTML Graphics from July, we will examine the language that you can use to modify or fine-tune the various charts and graphs you can create. We will cover some general areas of modification for all charts, and focus on specific changes you can make to titles, legends, and axes ,including some chart specific modifications. Finally we will explore animation, annotations, tooltips, and reference lines.

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