The Business Value of Trusted Data Quality

How to solve the top three data challenges facing business leaders

Nowadays, data is frequently touted as the “new oil” that powers transformational capabilities like automation, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). But if you’ve ever mistakenly filled up your car with the wrong fuel, you’ll know how the engine suddenly runs rough, lacks power, or starts to misfire.

Likewise, bad data impedes business performance, can damage your operations, and cause a breakdown in customer trust.

In this whitepaper—for all data leaders who oversee the use of data as an asset—we focus on the value of trusted data, the impact of bad data, and how you can lay the foundations for a robust, organization-wide data governance strategy and solve the three most pressing challenges for business leaders:

  1. Breaking down the silos so data can be integrated across the business to make it accessible to the right people at the right time.
  2. Meeting data quality criteria for completeness, consistency, conformity, accuracy, integrity, and timeliness.
  3. Attaining a single version of the truth to inform a 360° view of the business to help influence all aspects of profitability, revenue generation, and strategic development.