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Harness the power of data to drive informed decision making

Data-driven insights, advanced analytics

A one-of-a-kind scalable data platform that leverages AI to glean insights from your business data.

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A financial dashboard with global investment and performance metrics

Bring together diverse data management functionalities to create a holistic data solution by breaking down silos, establishing seamless integrations and optimizing operations.

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A supply chain dashboard tracking supermarket logistics and product data

Maximize the speed and capacity of your data analytics and management tool in a cost effective way with cloud native applications—deployable in any cloud of your choice.

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A client financial profile with portfolio distribution and recommendations

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Empower your business with reliable data and scalable analytics

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Bigger, better, bolder

The easy-to-use ibi WebFOCUS platform enables users to explore, create, analyze, publish, and collaborate on analytics content. Data scientists, developers, business analysts, and administrators can leverage powerful capabilities to manipulate and transform data and enable insightful decisions.

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Get smart with your data

Introducing ibi Data Intelligence, a comprehensive data management solution to address complex data challenges efficiently, cost-effectively, and at scale. Unify your data in one platform to improve data reliability and accessibility.

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Real-time data for today’s decisions

Expose the full power of your data and keep it on the IBM Z platform, allowing you to leverage and extend powerful visualizations in BI & Analytics tools.

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“Air Canada Cargo has its foot on the accelerator, diversifying its business portfolio and showing no signs of slowing down. We are going into the next phase of our business with a lot of excitement. We've launched a new e-commerce product and, drawing on our experience working with e-commerce for a number of years, we are now a partner to a different kind of customer — a complete new stream of business”

Matthieu Casey

Senior Director Cargo Global

Sales and Revenue Optimization

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“WebFOCUS [part of ibi’s analytics platform] reveals operational metrics on demand, while also serving users in the field.”

IT Director

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“When it comes to essential tasks, like improving outcomes and reducing costs, we can look at what is happening and predict what might happen. Our new platform supports initiatives and projects throughout the organization, saving millions of dollars, as we improve the overall quality of care.”

Peter Papadakos

Director of Decisions and Support and Analytics

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2024 Summit Roadshow Series

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming 2024 Summit Roadshow Series; an exciting journey that brings innovation, insights, and networking opportunities directly to you.


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