Leverage your data with unequaled search and matching capabilities

Advanced enterprise search capabilities let you organize, access, and harness the power of your data. ibi Patterns is an AI-enabled matching platform that streamlines the data matching and entity resolution process, saving you valuable time and resources.

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Build an intelligent foundation

ibiData Intelligence is a unified solution that empowers organizations to address complex data challenges efficiently, cost-effectively, and at scale.

Empower data insights and efficiency

Intelligently analyze large data sets

With Patterns, you can identify similarities, patterns, and connections in any language or format. Quickly handle many of the issues that plague real-world data – from transpositions and typos to information that's entered in the wrong field with sub second response time.

Improve your data with AI

Create, train and evolve your learning models with AI tools. Patterns is an AI/ML powered search engine that learns from your data and your inquiries to accelerate your time to insight with models that evolve.

Seamlessly integrate with cloud native deployment

Integrate with your existing data infrastructure. Patterns is a scalable and efficient solution that runs on-premises or in the cloud. 

Key capabilities of ibi Patterns

Advanced search and record matching

Patented matching algorithms allow advanced Search and record matching on large text. Language independent, it provides judgments of similarity including character rearrangements, insertions, deletions, token rearrangements, and merged/split words.

Machine learning platform

The Learn UI guides users through all steps of preparing training data, training and evaluating the model, and defining features (groups of important fields), and will train the model to provide suggestions for improving its performance.

Data durability

Automatically synchronize on-disk and in-memory data to ensure data is reloaded after a planned or unplanned outage, ensuring your data is always safeguarded from loss or corruption in the event of an outage or failure.

Scalable and robust

The gateway supports clustering of servers for large datasets.


Robust integration allows support of multiple APIs, including C, .NET and Java. A Java Native Interface (JNI) between the Java API and the “C” API allows the server to be embedded in a JVM.

Cloud-native deployment

Simplified deployment with container-based platforms including Docker and Kubernetes. This enables you to scale up or down with container clusters while easily running and managing the Patterns Server.

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